Star Micronics has officially announced one  of our latest innovations, that’s sure to help small businesses even more engage with their customers and improve sales.
Star Cloud Services (SCS) is proud to introduce the Micro Receipt™ service, available to use with the AllReceipts™ or Itemize app.
The Micro Receipt is the next generation of sustainable mobile-first receipts that are actionable by retailers via mobile coupons to boost loyalty marketing.
As society moves towards a paperless economy and more ubiquity in payments, ever wonder why we print out so many paper receipts? Is there a better way?

Millennials: We care more about the environment


  • We’ve known for quite some time Millennials care about sustainable products.
  • For the next generation, Generation Z (under 22), 72% of whom said positive social and environmental impact was important.
  • Brands are aligning with environmental stewardship to better align with the values of their customers.

Eco-Friendly Micro Receipt. Save paper, get coupons.

As consumers we aren’t in the habit of thinking about it necessarily, but those long paper receipts cost our ecosystems trees. Customers sometimes ask independent retailers, if there are better alternatives?
Now there is.

Benefits of Micro Receipts 

Already the leader in providing digital receipts and mobile coupons for small businesses and local retailers via the AllReceipts app, Micro Receipt™ takes receipts to a whole new level of :

  • Convenience
  • Miniaturization
  • Mobile-first Experience
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Privacy (anonymity)
  • Ecological responsibility (saving paper)


Curious about it? Try it out by downloading the app (and tell your favorite independent stores).

QR codes make saving paper easier than ever, as Small businesses can deliver mobile coupons and special offers on the flip side of digital receipts experienced on mobile that avoid the wastage of paper. Simply print out the QR codes instead of the long receipt.

One of the exciting things we got to do at #NRF17 was show off Micro Receipt™ at Star’s booth.
If you saw us at NRF 2017, you may have heard us mention the new Micro Receipt™ solution by Star Cloud Services. We’re extending what a digital receipt can do in the mobile-first era of customer experience, loyalty marketing and expense reporting.

Who Are We

Star Cloud Services is a Star Micronics subsidiary born to bring IoT solutions to retailers by leveraging on the Star Micronics brand and global footprint.

Check out this quick clip about the Micro Receipt™ and how it works with the AllReceipts and Itemize apps to help retailers save on paper, and offers an easy digital receipt solution for shoppers!

We take the traditional long receipt and we reduce it down to a simpler short receipt, with amazing 80% of paper savings, the printers therefore last longer and print faster. See Star Micronics Printers on Amazon.

The integration between the AllReceipts SDK in Itemize’s app is especially useful for business professionals on the go.

Small Businesses are Adopting Micro & Digital Receipts that leverage Mobile Coupons

Star Cloud Services is cloud connecting printers, receipt data and improving the customer experience for shoppers on their mobile device.

  • Empowering small businesses with technology (that’s entirely free if they purchase one of Star’s Printers)
  • Giving control of personal data back to the shopper (No Email or phone opt-in necessary)
  • Creating solutions that contribute to the future retail store
  • Giving independent and local retailers an ability to connect with their mobile-driven consumers that leverages mobile coupons
  • Giving SMBs and independent retailers a simple way to do loyalty-marketing that’s mobile-first


The Micro Receipt is a printed 2D barcode (QR code) paper receipt. This QR code can be scanned by any smart phone using the AllReceipts or Itemize app to claim a digital copy of the full, itemized receipt.

Relational Retail – Rebuilding Retail as a Customer Centric Model

SCS is building up an innovation hub that taps into retail tech startups on the cutting edge of analytics, loyalty, data and artificial intelligence at the service of the brick-and-mortar store. Partners include Thirdshelf, Itemize, Dor Technologies, among others.

  • Boosts in-store traffic by aligning seasonal campaigns with mobile coupons
  • Boosts customer retention and loyalty
  • Creates a customer-centric mobile channel with the shopper
Digital Receipts Towards an IoT of Retail

Building a Retail Network that Cares

With eleven participating point of sale solutions joining us in 2016, in 2017 SCS is going to expand our network at a much faster rate. Having a parent company that is the world’s second largest point of sale printer manufacturer in the world in Star Micronics, definitely helps as we interact with thousands of small businesses on a monthly basis.

With the AllReceipts™ or Itemize app, customers can scan the QR code provided on the SCS enabled receipt to capture and store a digital copy in their mobile device.

We Are Revolutionizing the digital expense receipt market

Itemize is an app that allows users to capture data from their receipts for expense purposes. They have now integrated AllReceipts™ QR capability for a more clean and legible digital receipt, ensuring more accurate data capture.

  • Building better in-store experiences where customers are able to see offers in real-time.
  • Leveraging IoT to impact pre and post sales and augmented commerce via digital receipts that are actionable with two-sided color receipts equipped with mobile coupons.
  • Changing how small businesses views receipt while demonstrating to their customers they care about the environment. For us, being a corporate socially responsible company while empowering local retailers is a huge motivation.


Star Cloud Services has created the Micro Receipt, which prints only the store name or logo, a time stamp, and the AllReceipts QR code, so the retailers can save on paper and increase their profits.


Here is how Jim from Itemize explains it:

The Micro Receipt allows retailers to reduce their receipt size by up to 80% by opting to only print the QR code.

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By Michael Spencer, Copywriter and Brand Consultant for Star Cloud Services

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